pic1“FreeLettersHome™ was a provider at this year’s Project Homeless Connect in Fort Collins. Many people experiencing homelessness found this service to be a valuable resource and a key part of connecting with friends and family from distances far away.
We were so happy to have them and hope to see them again next year!”
- Regan and Jen, Colorado State University.

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Stacey,

    Absolutely. Your table was one of the most popular tables. We would love to have you!

    A table with two chairs okay?

    Good afternoon Valerie,

    I am very sorry for the late response. We (Free Letters Home) would like be a service provider again this year at your October 20th, 2012 Project Homeless Connect. We enjoyed being there last year and are looking forward to coming this year again. I hope it is not too late for us to register.

    Thank you for emailing.

    Have a great day.


    Stacey Barber

  2. Greg and Stacey,

    I have forwarded the email our Distribution Chairman, Ted Ellingson, sent to the whole camp this evening after we returned from River Centre in downtown St. Paul. Ted and another Gideon and I were there for all of the day. We were very moved by this experience. Let’s talk soon about this by phone. Probably tomorrow or Saturday would be the next times I would be available. Otherwise next week.



    Subject: Project Homeless Connect

    Today, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. David Rooke, David Hubenette, and I participated in Project Homeless Connect at the River Centre in St. Paul. At the request of Free Letters Home in Washington state, we operated a table under that name. The purpose was to assist homeless people in communicating to loved ones, by providing post cards, paper, envelopes. stamps, pens, and clip boards. At least 71 people visted the table (51 women and 20 men). They took at least 59 cards or letters (papers and envelopes), and most received stamps for the cards and envelopes. A number of the people wrote letters or cards at the table, and gave them to us to mail. We also distributed 61 English scriptures, 3 Spanish scriptures, and 2 Arabec scriptures.

    Please pray that that the scriptures will be read, with souls saved and lives changed. Also, please pray for healed relationships for those who took the time to write letters or cards.

    This was our first experience in this project, but I do not think it will be our last.

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