Setup a Location

Do you know of a location that could use FreeLettersHome™ to reconnect families ?
Want to help ?
We can send you everything you need to set up a FreeLettersHome™ station.

226509_217409534952566_2287824_n If you wish to make any donations of your old correspondence materials and or stamps. Please them to :
Greg & Stacey Barber (Free Letters Home)
5403 W. Highland RD., Everett, WA. 98203
Or contact us today for more information .
Call Greg at (425) 320-9244

13 thoughts on “Setup a Location

  1. Hey! I think this is an amazing outreach. I have a daughter who regularly organizes free spaghetti meals for the homeless on Waikiki beach. She is a school teacher in Oahu. Her motivation is to reach people with the Gospel and show God’s love in action by providing a meal. Is it acceptable for me to also give out Gospel tracts to the people who would use the mailing? I don’t want to compromise your intent, but I would love to use this as an opportunity to reach others on a spiritual level as well.

  2. Please send information on setting up a location in Boise, Idaho. I’m part of a small group making connections with the homeless and this seems like a great way to bless them! Thanks for your creative idea!

  3. Hi I read your story and must say what a great idea! I work for the usps and know how much of a difference a letter can make. I would like to start up a service in Rockford Il thanks for what you do!

    • Dear Jennifer, Rockford is all yours :) . We too, believe that a card held will make a difference. Some cards have helped folks get off the streets. Also I have faith that reread words can also bring healing to both parties. We have everything to share with you. You just need to bring a good friend. Sincerely, Free Letters Home

  4. I also read about this in Guideposts and would like to have some info. on how to get started. I would love to do something like this in Jackson, MS.

  5. What an amazing idea, saw a letter about this in a copy of Guidepost. I would love to get involved. I live in North Carolina. Please send me information on how.
    Many thanks for being so thoughtful and giving.

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